Remediation Services

  • Soil Vapor and Groundwater Extraction
  • Product Recover System
  • Air Sparge, Biosparge and Ozone Injection
  • Remediation Equipment Purchase, Service and Rental
  • Biological Habitat Restoration

Engineering and Design Services

  • Stormwater Compliance and Sampling
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Remediation System Design
  • Fueling System Design
  • Concrete Engineering
  • Equipment Specification

Fueling and Storage Tank Services

  • Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Upgrade, Removal and Installation
  • Fuel Containment Pads
  • Fueling Systems for Gas, Diesel, and Compressed Natural Gas
  • Testing, Service and Maintenance
  • Steel Tank Institute SP001 Aboveground Storage Tank Inspection

General Construction Services

  • Electrical Construction and Panel Building
  • Excavation
  • Electrical
  • Concrete
  • Underground Utilities
  • Heavy Equipment Operation
  • Parking Lot
  • Asphalt Patch and Repaving
  • Energy Efficiency Projects

Energy Efficiency

The sun delivers valuable energy to us day after day, below the surface of our earth is a constant energy source and in many areas of the country the wind is a viable energy source.

JC Palomar has established a Renewable Energy Services division that is committed to providing solutions to the expanding renewable energy needs of Government and Industry. Our engineers, electricians and technicians have all been highly trained in the selection, design and installation of solar, wind and geo-thermal applications.

The portfolio of Palomar’s solar products comprises solar wafers, solar cells and solar modules, i.e. the entire photovoltaic product spectrum that warrants environmentally friendly and sustainable energy supply options.

Presently Palomar is working with the US Army Corps of Engineers to develop a sustainable, energy efficient management program that will include retro fitting and installation of HVAC systems, energy efficient lighting, solar and ground source heat pumps in Nevada.

Palomar is ready to assist you with your Renewable Energy needs, from concept to design to installation.

Engineering and Design Services